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Here you will find the rules used in my Warsow Quicky Cups. The Rules on this page are always the up to date ones, if in a forum-announcement or in a news post you find rules which differ from the ones posted here they are wrong. In conflict cases the rules posted on this page will be always used.

Game: Warsow 1.02 (basewsw)
Gametype: Duel
Slots: 16
Tournament-Mode: Single Elimination (one loss and you are out)
Round-Mode: Best of Three (Bo3) with Best of Five (Bo5) Final
Check-In:15:00 CET (14:00 GMT)
Tournament-Start: 16:00 CET (15:00 GMT)
Time per Round: 40 Minutes
Tournament IRC-Channel: #warsow.quicky [webchat.quakenet.org]
Mappool & Mappicking
  • wdm5 - Viciiou's Lair
  • wdm6 - Deemsix
  • wdm11 - Warehouse C
  • wdm17 - Le Toxiquet
  • paswdm1_b2 - Catharsis*
*Download Catharsis here [dl.dropbox.com].

Mappick in Bo3:
  1. Cointoss heads/tails.
  2. Winner picks 1st map to be played.
  3. Loser picks 2nd map to be played.
  4. If after 2 maps score is 1:1, players take turns to eliminate maps. Cointoss-winner starts.
  5. The last map left in the pool, is played as the decider.

Mappick in Bo5:
  1. Cointoss heads/tails.
  2. Winner picks 1st map to be played.
  3. Loser picks 2nd map to be played.
  4. Steps 1&2 are repeated once.
  5. Last map left is played as decider in case of 2:2 score after 4 maps.

  • Gamemode: Duel
  • Modification: basewsw
  • Timelimit: 10 Minutes
  • Scorelimit: 0
  • Overtime: 2 Minutes
  • Warmuptime: 2 Minutes

Players can decide on a server by themselves. Every EU-Server may be used. If the players can not decide on a server, they can ask an referee to find a server for them. However the referee's server-pick is final.


Every player is expected to record demos of each map. Each player needs to provide demos, when asked by a referee. I recommend using cg_autoaction_demo set to "1". Not being able to provide demos may result in a default loss!


Every participant must be available to his opponent and the referees by joining #warsow.quicky for the duration of the whole tournament. If a player is not answering to your requests until 10 minutes after a Round-Start, you should contact a referee he then will try to reach your opponent for the last time, if he then does not reply you will be given a default win.


Spectators are generally allowed in every match but must use W§W-TV if available. Watching a match directly is only allowed for streamers/referees and if the server does not support W§W-TV, but spectators must free a slot if one is needed for a streamer or referee. If a stream is provided for the cup I strongly encourage you to watch matches trough the stream.


I believe that you all are grown up people that understand that War§ow is only a game and have fun playing the game on a fair basis. Therefore I don't expect cheating to occur in my tournaments. However if someone will be caught cheating during one of the Warsow Quicky Cup matches there is only one punishment for it: A permanent ban for every of my tournaments. I consider cheating every kind of modification/gimmick that provides the player with a unfair advantage over his opponents, this may include modified game-clients (aimbot), additional programs or drivers (wallhack) or spectator(s) giving the player information about his opponent trough a voice program.

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