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Warsow Quicky Cup V Ended written by WTFProoF, 2012-10-13 21:33 CEST (0 comments)

The fifth edition of the Quicky Cup is over and we have a winner, GoReY! On his way to the finals he took down players like vnm and crizis. In the UB-Final he met Leshka for the first time and defeated him 2:0 sending him down into the Lower Bracket. There Leshka won against crizis and got his second chance at the title. In the Grand Final he managed to get one map from GoReY but in the end the Swede proved to be too much of a challenge. The Final ended 3:1 in favor of GoReY.

Final Standings
  1. GoReY
  2. Leshka
  3. crizis

Congratulations and thanks to all participants. Thank you to everyone who watched the cup-stream. A special thank you goes out to Pikku and FragStealer from clan kya for streaming and commentating the matches.

See you next time!
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